Node.js developers will Need to at Least Try WebStorm from JetBrains

Aug 1, 2016 | | Say something

In my day job, I write a lot of Java code, and the cool kids where I work occasionally turn up with IntelliJ on their workstations. I’ve been aware of IntelliJ for along time, and know Java developers are really devoted to it. Recently I’ve been doing some work with Node.js, and I thought I […more]

Node.js: Setting up a local Code Module

May 3, 2016 | | Say something

So I’m spending a bit of time working on a small node.js project. I’ve been really impressed with node.js and the node.js ecosystem. I can spin up a small website or a small website using Node.js and express in a matter of minutes. I’ve worked some with JavaScript and mostly like it, but I have […more]

Java Web Start and the Damage Done

Jan 24, 2014 | | Say something

So, I’m currently consulting on-site at a company that makes use of Java Web-Start techonology to run custom desktop applications. Recently, supporting those applications has been a bit of a challenge for two reasons: the organization’s certificate expired and Oracle has also changed the requirements for Java applications delivered via JNLP (and also for Applets). […more]

What about WordPress?

Mar 10, 2010 | | Say something

So I’ve touched on Drupal & Joomla. I’ve had great luck with Drupal, but I am also aware that WordPress is really popular, in particular for bloggers. I have since also become aware that people are using WordPress for a whole lot more than just blogging. For example, check out for a very nicely […more]

Drupal CMS: Onward and Upward

Sep 3, 2009 | | Say something

This post is a continuation of a tour of CMS (Content Managment Systems) I’ve known and loved, Drupal was the runner-up contender in my PHP-based CMS research. I used it to quickly build my website–not particularly pretty, but but it works for what I need. So the experience was Pretty quick and easy…no real muss […more]

Joomla and the Neophyte

Aug 16, 2009 | | Say something

So in a prior post, I brought up the subject of Content Management Systems. I thought I’d go through some of the CMSes I’ve run across so far. So there I was…I needed my own website. As is often the case, I was busy enough from the start that I didn’t really have a need […more]

What is this Thing Called…CMS?

Jun 2, 2009 | | Say something

I’m a software developer which means that I love to create programs and websites…from scratch. Need a web application with some dynamic pages, and moving parts? No problem, I can code it up for you from scratch–all it takes is a lot of time and that means a lot of expense. As a budding entrepreneur […more]

Going Rogue

Mar 20, 2009 | | Say something

After seventeen years working in corporate IT as a staffer, contractor & consultant, I decided to go rogue and hang out my own shingle. As part of the shift from enterprise IT to small and medium business IT, I have also changed focus from Java & Oracle to the standard open-source technology stack that is […more]